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  • April 2021 Part 2 Shrewsbury etc

    April 2021 Part 2 Shrewsbury etc

    Shrewsbury is a lovely place to visit. Old buildings, independent shops, churches, lovely gardens. river trips and so on and whilst we were there A thank you to the NHS outside the castle. Below the very handsome railway station: Most […]

  • April 2021 Part 1 Gloucester

    April 2021 Part 1 Gloucester

    Noticed this reflection on our way to the park Gloucester park Enjoying a coffee at the recently opened park cafe Planting in the sensory garden Unwanted litter in the park by the statue of Queen Anne. The pushchair and carrier […]

  • March 2021 Gloucester

    March 2021 Gloucester

    Lots of Volunteering this month! First at Saul Junction with the Canal and River Trust. Welcomed back the Bridge Keeper Chris with a few new flowers outside his office and patio weeding. Cleaning under Sandfield Bridge. I am recognisable by […]

  • February 2021 Gloucester

    February 2021 Gloucester

    Started a bit dreary but ended warm and Spring like! We had ice. The foam is the edge of the ice sheet. And the River Severn reached its highest point so far this winter: We continue to Volunteer at Saul […]

  • Victoria Basin Gloucester January 2021

    Victoria Basin Gloucester January 2021

    Happy New Year! Although cold at 1.03 degrees at 9.39 it turned out to be a lovely day and the start of our “Dry January”. Snow arrived on 2nd Finally dredging came to an end. Edward Elgar the cruise ship […]

  • December 2020

    December 2020

    Volunteering continues Tony got his driving certificate! Washing down white paintwork at Caen Hill Hedging in Jubilee Wood Caen Hill keeping warm around the camp fire! Christmas Market in Gloucester docks (with masks and at a distance) Cakes shop window, […]

  • December 2020        Gloucester Cathedral

    December 2020 Gloucester Cathedral

    Our visit to Gloucester Cathedral to follow the Christmas Story and see the beautiful decorations An excellent way to disguise the scaffolding: Fantastic life sized Knitted figures Can you spot the octopus? The Holy Family What a lovely idea! Below […]

  • November 2020

    November 2020

    A very quiet month with Lockdown No 2. It did however mean that John Lewis could not get Tony’s camera repaired and therefore replaced it free of charge. We are fortunate in having a large park nearby and so have […]

  • October 2020

    October 2020

    We continued to do our volunteering on the G & S canal and the 14th saw the Green Flag hoisted at Saul Junction. The culmination of many hours of work by Bridge Keeper, Chris, wearing his blue uniform and a […]

  • September 2020                   Part 3

    September 2020 Part 3

    So we took Henry to Wales staying initially at Harlech The huge seaside campsite had a terrific statue We visited Portmeirion, somewhere I had always wanted to see. Even in dismal weather it was an amazing place! Not only is […]


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