18th February the peak. The Avon is now over two metres above normal

The lawn has disappeared! The water is too deep for us to refill the bird feeders but the robin has learnt how to eat from this one

Going shopping

Above towards town and below towards Mitton

The lock is not visible. The Severn is to the left and the Avon to the right ahead.

The water begins to recede the daffolidils emerge with brown mud edges and the rabbits come out to play. The mallards are interested in the bird feeders but have to wait for the blue tits to drop bits of seed. Below a stormy sunset

And just when you begin to relax the wind strengthens and waves appear and the water level rises yet again.

We are now used to coping with flooding! The Avon has been in flood almost continuosly since mid September. We are fine in the Marina, attached to the floating pontoon, and maintained access to car, and getting used to when the level floods the adjacent main road. Frequently there is only one road (A38) open into Tewkesbury, and that within a few inches of being overwhelmed. We had a long diversion to get to dancing. However the High Street and all its mainly independent shops are above water and accessible with boots on. Many others relying on the riverside poles were in trouble and the house almost opposite had their small cruiser near the kitchen, over the poles!

The red spot at the top of the post indicates this winters highest river level


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