Having a car does help to get out and about! We went off to see the open gardens at Offenham. Well worth the visit! Which was my favourite?

Garden 1 Delightful and immaculate. Rear field with veg chickens and goats

Garden 2 Impressive Loved the cucumbers and glass flowers

Garden 3 Huge ponds with huge fish Liked the hostas

Garden 4 Lovely back garden and so well maintained

Garden 5 Hard to photograph Huge lawn flanked by tree ferns, bananas etc

Garden 6 Loved the arch window and the strawberries & cherries with cream and the Ferrari on the wall in the kitchen!

Garden 7 was the Artists garden. She works in glass hence nearly all the gardens having examples of her work.

A most enjoyable day out. We also visited the Pub and Ferry but the pub was not scheduled to open for a couple of weeks and the Ferry? Well, who knows and if it did operate again what is there on the other side of the river to visit?

Which was my favourite? Well. I would have been happy to claim number one or number six.


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