This is located in Burnley and the milepost reads Liverpool 75 Leeds 52 1/4 miles. It’s a really stunning marina that is beautifully kept with lawns and flowers where a natural hillside slopes down to the canal. Gary the engineeer has come to sort out a few snagging problems…….

Yesterday was exciting in more ways than one! We had to take the canopy down very quickly when approaching a very, very low bridge, the bow thruster gave up and we got stuck under a low and very narrow bridge and then we travelled through the Gannow Tunnel all 559 yards of it. Happily it didn’t drip too much!
It was a very busy day on the canal we passed two boats!

The country side is amazing with very long views of the Pennine hills interspersed with mill chimneys and terraced houses running down to the canal.
Animal life is interesting too: so many horses in fields alongside the canal, fields with huge flocks of canada geese, rabbits playing in the evening sun, swallows swooping over the canal and lots of swans and cygnets.


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