We booked a tour of Peter Scotts newly opened home. It takes about an hour and you see the kitchen in all its 1954 glory. The dining room has a formal dining table but a red formica one in the window that the Scotts used every day. Then Mrs Scotts sitting room and finally Peter Scotts room. This is part library, part studio and observatory and is where the BBC filmed from. Sadly photos are not permitted. The upper floor is now a holiday home available for rent.

Some other photos. I thought the next three demonstrated Tony’s skill with his camera . He may yet enter the Countryfile Calendar competition!

Godwits and Jackdaw

A very cute coot chick


This is the new hide looking out over the River Severn. It opens this winter. Not sure who will be using the bath!

Unusually still and quiet flamingos

Happy to share lunch!

Edward Elgar moored at Shepherds Patch so its passengers could visit Slimbridge. We then moved on to Splatt Bridge moored up and went to collect our newspaper from the village green shop. A cricket match was in progress. The fielding team had two young ladies one of whom was the bowler.


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