This was an event well worth visiting. I was so impressed by the quality of the work on show and the quiet enthusiasm of the volunteers. I didn’t know that the WI was the biggest campaigner in Britain.

The flowers at the entrance were first class arranged by a professional. I get quite depressed at the staid arrangements normally found in churches.

Each piece of the 100 pieces of bunting represented something significant in that year. The first mobile phone call was made in 1985!

Some of the campaigns undertaken by the WI. Below the Cloisters Each WI branch had a table and their display had to include a chair. Each table showed the skills and range of activities of their particular group.

Bredon branch even had a racing interest!

I loved this patchwork

Painting competition above and photographic competition below

Tony thought the calendar was disappointing. I think he had in mind the original Calendar Girls!

And somehow GCHQ had a corner display


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