A city with a very interesting history. It has a number of self guided walks but we also had a tour with Guide Frank who was very knowledgeable Here are some of the things we saw and heard about. Firstly Beatrix Potter who had family in the town and frequently came to visit

Charles II

The statue now resides in an obscure position beside a block of 1960s flats

Robert Raikes who began the Sunday school movement

And one of the schools pupils

The pnerhaps not as well known to us as to Mr Dyson

The Judges Lodging is now a self catering holiday let

Ignore the Costa signs and look up at the embellishment on the upper walls

And above the jewellers and clockmakers are these amazing figures

And so on to the New Inn

One member of staff, seeing our interest, kindly showed us a very fine bedroom with amazing plasterwork on the ceiling.

A lovely park bench just too dirty to sit on! We probably need people to act on the poster below


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