We began with a walk and talk around Llanthony Secunda Priory. We were moored just outside, so we didn’t have far to go!

Then off to the Dick Whittington Pub where we met up with guide Francis who had taken us on a walk a few weeks ago. The story of the Christmas Pantomime we all grew up with seems to have some basis in fact except for the cat!

Cellar bar and some talk of ghosts!#

We were taken to an upstairs room to see the wall paintings. These are supposed to be the earliest recorded poppies!

Then off to see the Masonic Lodge, tucked away along an alley and opposite a multi storey car park! This building has an interesting history!

Then at 4.30 off to Blackfriars to hear a talk on the Dambusters by Max Hastings. He is a really good speaker. We also saw clips of the film!

Following that we made a stop at The Fleece. We have subsequently heard it is to be restored.

A brief visit to Robert Raikes house now the sort of pub you want to go into.

Below Robert Raikes Sunday School 1949

Then a quick visit to St Mary de Crypt

Medieval wall painting above and explanation below

And we returned in the evening for a play written by a local lady “Rotten Luck”

Can you guess the subject?

Returned to Matilda, now moored outside Lanthony Secunda Priory and took these photos of the lights.

Then guess what we watched on TV?

Good end to a great day!


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