Massimo and his wife Shania are the new owners of the former Francos. Lovely food and welcome. They even remembered our favourite pud which has never featured on the menu!

We have been making regular visits to Newport to check on father in law Lionels progress since he was discharged from Poole Hospital. Rachael looks after him with help from carers morning and evening, and the District Nurse visits daily.

We organised a Quiz Night at the Marina and set some difficult challenges…….

Round 3 On the water

1 Which Englishman made the second round the world voyage?

2 Who led the ill fated Antarctic Expedition in 1902?

3 Where can you visit Queen Mary?

4 In which Ocean was the Marie Celeste found drifting?

5 Who wrote the children’s novel Swallows and Amazons?

6 In addition to an anchor what other piece of equipment is a boat required to have before venturing on tidal water?

7 Who was the engineer responsible for the construction of the K & A canal?

8 How many gallons of water a day does the Foxhangers back pump raise?

9 The 29 locks have a rise of how much in 2 miles?

10 Who played the leading roles in the 1997 film Titanic?

11 What local person links the Titanic with Devizes?

12 In what year did the Labour Party announce the de-commissioning of the Royal Yacht Britannia?

If you managed 10/12 Well done!

Helping to clear Belvedere woods after the town Council appealed for helpers. The woods surround the towns beautiful cemetery and the banks are covered in snowdrops.  The biggest challenge was heaving the supermarket trolley over the iron railings for the truck to pick up!


Sarah with the truck

Joan Zita Sarah & Tim exhausted!



Roger & Nina come for a cuppa

One sunny day we explored the canal looking for the junction of the Wilts & Berks canal and Semington Village. The church has the most beautiful Book of Remembrance of those local servicemen who died in WW1



A few bright although cold days, meant we could make use of our solar panels We kept a record of the temperature on 28 February. There was ice on the Marina

7.30 am -2.8*   9.00am -1.1*  12.30pm 2.2*   3.30pm 1.3*    5.30pm 1.8*   7.00pm -2.9*

We woke at 7.30am on March 1 to -3.4* to light snow but very strong wind

Braved the snow on March 2 to drive to Portsmouth for my birthday. The A350 was closed at Warminster so we followed the A37 and M27. The Land Rover had no problem with drifting snow.

We spent Saturday and most of Sunday at the Historic Dockyard. As we didn’t see all the attractions we plan to go again for Tony’s birthday. My favourite ship The Warrior

The Victory & M33


Mary Rose


Dancing friends came to visit after our very good reunion lunch at The Westbrook Inn. We met about 1996 at Ivy Lane School hall in Chippenham.  Some of us still dance!


Quaffing fizzy then attempting the Conga!!!

Knitted tea cosies in Make Do & Mend shop Devizes My favourite is from row second left.

REME have taken over the old RAF Lyneham base and have opened an excellent museum


Birth Certificate 1942                                        Finding your REME ancestor


Sherman tank conversion


This corner explains how the British Army got the VW car plant working again.


After refreshment at the cafe we walked the town trail at Calne and found it fascinating. We took so many photos… Here are just a few…

The church and its amazing Mike Rawle who has so much church and local knowledge

                          Bowood hosted many scientists. Calne calls itself a “discovery” town

The Pigs.  The Harris bacon factory was established here. Apparently pigs from Ireland were landed in Bristol and walked to Calne!   The Pigs are just one feature of the towns’ art trail. Below is the lovely library.

The park gates and Calne canal. The canal was an arm of the Wilts & Berks canal


The Coach Stop

Today 18 March Snow at 8.00am


Midday and our two swans seem to have two eggs

We were going to visit and Open Garden this afternoon……………

More exciting adventures to come………



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