Celebrating the birthday of my sister Ruth at Coombe Abbey Hotel. Our rooms was the middle bay window.  Victorian Gothic!



Friday evening birthday dinner

Saturday was a trip down Memory Lane for Tony. He studied at the “new” Coventry University and became involved in Canal restoration.


Hawksbury Junction – the meeting of the Coventry Canal and the Oxford Canal. The Coventry Canal Basin where he used to have boat rallies. The BBC were there interviewing passers by and asking for suggestions to revitalise the area. Needless to say Tony was in his element telling Coventry about his exploits 40 plus years ago!


The Cathedral and opposite University and Museum. As you know we can never pass up a museum!  Airfix models and Lady Godiva – a winning combination!


And also people Tony used to know form his canal days enshrined in oil.


Then a dash across town to see Spon Street with its Watch museum and Weavers cottages


The weavers cottages were so small the girls in the family, all of them spinsters, used to sleep on this platform hence the saying “to be left on the shelf” if they were unmarried.

Saturday night we attended a medieval banquet and were persuaded to dress for the occasion!



                                              The Baron & his wench!

The entertainers!  An excellent evening!  And many thanks to Rachel & Gary for organising it.





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