Happy New Year! Although cold at 1.03 degrees at 9.39 it turned out to be a lovely day and the start of our “Dry January”. Snow arrived on 2nd

Finally dredging came to an end. Edward Elgar the cruise ship had to move its mooring temporarily.

Water leak! A cold weather hazard!

We have 24 hour security patrols around the docks but not normally on horseback. We also have daily cleaning by very pleasant staff.

We often check the river levels! Notice the paddleboarders. Although the level was down the current was very strong

A few days later the level has risen again

We continue to walk around different parts of the city and always discover something new. This is where our GP surgery will move to once it’s finished. Obviously its not achieved to scheduled date It will be about 400 yards away so very convenient.

The Beatrix Potter alley way leads to the Cathedral.

We spotted a photographic display in one of the shop windows with a slightly different view.

And which canal is in this photo?

This refurbishment will provide a lovely outdoor space with fountains. Note the Regal Cinema in the background. It must be the smartest Wetherspoons yet with its colourful floral displays. We just wonder what will happen to the Debenhams building in the photo below.

Wherever you walk you find things of beauty or interest such as the TSB bank on Eastgate the site of the Bluecoat hospital.

This is Westgate Street that leads down to the river. The Council has received a large sum of money to reinvigorate the area and smarten it up. The Civic Society put out a really good Zoom presentation on what they hope to achieve.

This is one of the particular buildings they are interested in. They hope to make some flats above the shops and get rid of awful signage in what will be a conservation area

The statue is close to Tesco on Southgate Street. Notice the green traffic light above the door. The poster to the left of the door explains you may enter the store only if the traffic light is green. I didn’t notice it, but as Tony was waiting for me outside he did!

One really interesting walk began by the canal. Remember the days when your Mother shopped at the Co-op?

Remember when you need matches to light the gas stove?

Beneath the mistletoe waiting for my handsome prince! It was a cold day so I didn’t hang about for long!

We passed recreation grounds, The Oval with its tennis courts, and came across this beautifully kept old school with its separate entrances for Girls Boys and Infants. And it was open for business…….Then this little corner park with its monument .

The Plaque read: Thomas Nelson Foster J P Christian citizen and merchant died at sea 2nd October 1901.

The as we returned to the docks we saw a mural we had never noticed before despite walking along this road many times.

What once had been decorative embellishments to a Georgian facade now window boxes on a scruffy house. There is always something new to see in this city.

Another sprinkling of snow on 24th

And I decided to be make a cake. As I had marzipan left over from Xmas I tried Mary Berry’s Battenburg cake. Delicious!

And the very best news:


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