We have been following this BBC 2 Programme as we were involved in the Devizes entry and never realised how important it was!

We have seen neighbouring town Melksham and Tewkesbury, where my birthday was celebrated one year, and Chorley tonight where the Armriding family seemed to have moved to from Preston (part of the Aldridge family tree).

We were very disappointed that Devizes is not entering this year. It seems that Wiltshire is a very minor part of the South West and feels a lack of support and that Devon and Cornwall dominate as indeed we found with tourism matters.

It’s good to know however, that Devizes still has it’s own In bloom competition supported by the town council and volunteer groups. Devizes park staff are to be congratulated on their work.

PS We emailed Channel 4 News yesterday after their programme used canal images for the forthcoming local elections. We are indeed “Floating voters” many of whom do not know how to obtain their vote.  A “declaration of local interest” is the key or making their local MP aware of their situation.



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