Crofton Pumping Station and train

The solar panels were covered in ice as a result of the first overnight frost. After filling up with water we began our journey but were held up between locks 55 & 56 as there was a shortage of water. A lovely gent from the CRT had let water down but it needed a half hour or so before we could fill the lock and proceed.

We adopted a stretch of canal and gave other people Christmas presents of a stretch too!

We had to wait for canoeists to emerge from Bruce Tunnel before we could enter it and just as we had we could see a boat entering at the far end! Fortunately it backed out!


It took six and a half hours to reach Pewsey Wharf mainly because there are so many boats moored we had to travel at tickover speed.

We missed the Carnival but saw a little of what was left

Leaving Pewsey the following morning was not much better, boats moored all the way to Wilcot.

Tony is really keen to get a good photo of a heron!!

Coate Bridge Devizes. Not a pretty sight

We finally arrived in Devizes after seven hours and ten minutes and found a sunny mooring at the Wharf.


Friday we shall be descending the Caen Hill Flight of 28 locks leaving the Wharf at 8.00am, Vounteers welcome!



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