Moorings alongside Workman Gardens and opposite Abbey Gardens

Yes, very odd to have a whale jawbone in Evesham! Apparently the man who captured the whale had a friend in Evesham and sent the bones to him To see the bones you now have to go to the local hotel that has them on display in the garden

In the grounds of the Abbey, St Lawrence is a must see. It is maintained by the Churches conservation Trust and stands next to All Saints which is now the parish church.

The Almonry is the TIC and Museum and it is just charming.

If ever you did O level history you will have heard of Simon de Montfort. He died here at the Battle of Evesham in 1265, defeated by Prince Edward son of Henry 111 We did walk the battlefield trail but there was not a lot to see and the footpath joined the main road at Tesco and Boots! There is a Waitrose store here but it doesn’t have the feel of a Waitrose town!


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