We have had rain every day since Friday 7th June and just look what happens! This is 10th June and the river level is normal – green

The gauge has changed and is almost on Amber which means “proceed with caution” This is 11th June

By June 15 at 9.30

And by 4.30 is almost at 4′ This means the River Avon is five feet above normal for this time of year (you add the amber to the red) So this means no boat can go out. Happily we like it here. Here are a few more flood pictures

Rescue Volunteers returning after their patrol. Note the path on the left. It later disappears under water

Floating debris A tree is now blocking the channel under King John’s Bridge

Before and after or after and before!

All the small footbridges are now under water

Lock mooring but no lock needed! The levels of the Severn and Avon are equal. Here’s how it looked on 26 May

Here is the lock keeper going home after shopping on Thursday 14th. She said there are three flood levels: wellies, waders and dinghy! She is wearing waders!

Another after and before

We walked to look at the river Severn. It had begun to claim nearby fields The brick building is Severn Trent water treatment establishment

So we have now had eight days of rain! Climate change predictions for an english summer: cooler and wetter. I leave you with that thought!



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