When I last visited the cake shop I was told there would be a “different” wedding cake display. Wouldn’t this suit a steampunk wedding?

Walking to pick up the car from Sainsburys we noticed these two guys who were cleaning the college windows. We were wrong! They were washing the exterior paintwork before it was painted , however we have yet to see the decorators!

Boats circling , waiting for the lock to the River Severn to be filled.

Paddleboarders visiting Victoria Basin. Some also visit to litter pick, although capacity on board is limited.
10 k run with Saul Junction Bridge Keeper in patriotic colours!
We always find something we haven’t noticed previously
Folk day at The Folk of Gloucester
Our new Doctors Surgery, not that we have had need to visit, but whist passing we saw the old prison entrance:

and reference our visits to Sharpness and the Vindicatrix memorial:

National Waterways Museum Gloucester

A visit to Devizes to help reclaim the model boat and Devizes letters. The allotment holder sadly passed away two years ago and since then it has become somewhat overgrown:

Cutting a path
Cheered on by a passing boater
Letters revealed
Boat rescued but in need of some TLC
A lot achieved (including by Regional Volunteer Lead, Steve Manzi) but a lot more to do!

Then off to catch up with friends setting off along the K & A, and pleasant aroma from adjacent Wadworths:

So off cruising along the Gloucester & Sharpness.

New benches made and planted by Volunteers on one of the hottest days of the year!
You can tell Tony mowed this!
Started training on operating the bridge from the bridge hut.
Hedge trimming
The beautiful Gladys at Saul Junction. A really atmospheric photo! (The heavy rain started just as she approached!)
Abandoned lawn mowing to watch Gladys!

Wildlife at Saul:

Grebe with ducklings
Water boatmen

From Sharpness we walked to Purton along the towpath.

Purton Wishing Well in the garden shed on the towpath raises money for charity. You roll your coin along the green ramp into the pond! A delight for any child!

Purton church is so well kept and I just love the way they ask for funds:

So well kept and enhanced by simple jugs of flowers.

Then off to visit the Hulks or ships graveyard. The ships were beached to prevent erosion. Each is named.

Looking across the Severn you hear the train toot before you see it! It disappears into tunnels in the steep cliffs.

One of the reasons we like mooring at Sharpness is that we can sit and watch the sunset.


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