Woodbridge proved to be a very pleasant town with lots of independent shops and museums.

Hands in the churchyard
I don’t think my Mother had a hat quite like this one, however a great Museum with informative displays.
The amazing Tide Mill
This is the tidal reservoir that enables the mill to turn
The model shows how the tide controls the working of the mill

Waltham Abbey: We stayed here to meet up with friend Gary who we met some 3 years ago when travelling up the River Lee through Waltham.

The Abbey
River Lee
The Greenwich meridian
Gary and his new electric cab
Disabled ramp This cab has everything! Very impressive

The campsite was alongside Tottenham Hotspur training ground and Capel Manor College Anyone who listens to Gardeners Question Time will know of it. We just had to visit, It has everything and in spite of the rain we really enjoyed it

The Fairy Forest – I just couldn’t resist! I had this book as a small girl. The apple blossom fairy was my favourite.
Hedges and maze

The Which? trial gardens The plants are inspected and assessed every two weeks:

I wouldn’t recommend these broad bean

There is small Zoo section with wild cats wallabies rabbits and so on

Whilst away we had a literary Zoom meeting and two from Devizes museum. There was a fine lecture on Eric Ravilious. These images were taken by Tony from the TV screen

Furlongs 1934
Cement pit 1934
Wiltshire locals will recognise this
The railway carriage

I do urge you to visit the Museum for this exhibition. The second Zoom was to Explain more about the proposed new museum A considerable sum but worth every penny. I forsee a lot of fundraising!

Now a few odds & ends First a personalised tv advert: I won’t be shopping with this firm:

The Royal Gunpowder Mill at Waltham Abbey. We had wanted to visit here since our trip up the River Lee So interesting but vast area, difficult to photograph. Had wonderful tractor trailer trip with commentary from a former employee and took about 1.5 hours! Such a shame not more visitors, volunteers poised, free hot drinks and lots to see!

canals transported the gunpowder
Many old abandoned buildings
A little museum of guns in care of very articulate and enthusiastic young volunteer.

Then seen in Bath:

Comprehensive sorting, a good example for Canal and River Trust!


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