We came across the horse drawn boat on our way to Kintbury. The passengers had stepped off to watch the lock operation.  We followed it to Kintbury.

Restoration and charming map


Excellent moorings at Kintbury

The village itself is very smart with every sort of cottage and mansion. It has a bookshop, butcher, baker and general store/Post Office and gardening business.


The footpath has a turnstile

The Church is very interesting with its connection to the Austen family.


Read this carefully and spot the spelling mistake


Village quilt

Booklet giving details of all the men from the village who lost their lives in World War 1

This is the vicarage, but sadly not the one Jane Austen stayed in. That was demolished to make way for something more modern.



Just had to catch up with Monty (weight 1 ton) and his boat. He can pull 50 tons but the boat was considerably less that this even with a full complement of passengers.





On the advice of the local shopkeeper we set off walking to the Fete at Audley Inglewood.  A very kind motorist Will Kerley stopped and offered us a lift there. As it was hot we really appreciated it. Our thanks to him. Audley Inglewood is a luxury retirement village. I could see myself there in about ten years time but would need a bit of help from the lottery! Front and back views of the original house.


Beautifully maintained gardens and new homes


Good advice???





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