On Friday evenings in summer 1994 we would try to return home at a reasonable hour, put sleeping bags and red wine aboard Blue Samba and head off for the weekend. Twenty minutes later we would reach Horton Bridge and go for supper in the Pub. Saturday morning we would sail down to the Barge at Honeystreet for lunch, then continue to Ladys Bridge where we would moor up for the night. Sunday, we would make the leisurely return trip minus the stops at the pub. Thursday night we moored up at Ladys Bridge and watched the sun go down and the rain begin!

Friday morning was perfect but the rain began just before midday.

View across to Alton Barnes White Horse

Hire boats at Honeystreet

The Barge Inn and Crop Circle Centre

Narrow channels through the reeds and what was this digger up to? A Land and Water van was parked nearby.


We moored at the Bridge at Horton in time for a late lunch.








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