Not an amazon in sight just swallows nesting under the floating pontoons and rabbits hiding under cars!

We moored in the marina for a few day in order to attend the funeral of Tony’s Father. It is quite extensive and has river moorings and basins on the River Avon as well as the River Severn. It is incredibly well maintained. Each morning someone will walk around to check the boats, clean the pontoons of duck muck and dust down cobwebs on the electic posts. The recycling bins are full of recyclable materials and rubbish is in the rubbish bins! And the laundry room is clean! Add lovely landscaping to this and excellent welcome.

Swallows are nesting under the pontoon by the white blocks. They fly so quickly it’s impossible to catch them on camera, however this one liked sitting on the electric post

And here is the Watership Down contingent

Quite glad we are here in the Marina as the rain began again about five in the afternoon yesterday, continued overnight and is now at 3pm quite heavy again. The River Avon has gone up by six inches. Our rainwater harvesting system is working well and the water tank is full!


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