Never having seen this, except on the TV, we drove down to the aptly named Severn Bore Inn and as it happened it was a Wadworth hostelry. They were open for breakfast. At 10.10 a fair crowd had gathered however the bore was about 20 minutes late! The canoeists and surfers were waiting……

These images give no real idea of the speed of the water. We were waiting in front of a sluice, the before and after the wave surge

The water came over the grass in minutes! It brought with it so much debris; huge trees and rafts of branches and weed.

This is further downstream at the White Hart, Broadoak and shows the width of the channel.

If you would like to see the bore yourself here are the dates:

And absolutely nothing to do with the Severn Bore our boldest rabbit

I treated myself to a second hand copy of Watership Down!!!!!!


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