The weather did us no favours. We got a bit wet whilst travelling to Linslade and the following day. Thanks to Volunteer Keith at Marston locks.

We booked a passge through lock 47 with CRT for Monday at 9.30. The lock gate is damaged and awaiting repair so all wide beams have to arrange a time at least 24 hours in advance so we travelled down to Berkhamstead for more strawberry tarts from Simmons!

We met up with Jenny a former dancing friend from Chippenham and had a lively catch up on all the news

On Wednesday we got out the bus passes and went to Aylesbury. Had a most enjoyable day visiting the Museum (What a gem!) and canal basin

THe greengrocers shop

The museum had a lego exhibition

The museum clock



Church Street

The canal basin with Travel Lodge, Waitrose, University and Theatre

We came across a David Bowie statue. Apparently his early career began here

For Waitrose fans remember

And for all Jack Reacher fans

And finlly the only Aylesbury ducks we saw were stuffed and in a glass case at the Museum!!!






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